Ng Media Sampler 2013 by Various Artists

A sample album featuring some of the best music to come from the Ngaanyatjarra Lands in 2013 and previous years with tracks from the Blackstone Girls; Irrunytju Kungkas; DJ Matty feat. Hinerangi; Lil Del & DJ Matty; Sunset Band from Wanarn and old favourites such as the Irrunytju Band and Nanta Brown.

8 tracks

NG Media Choir by NG Media Choir

A new choir has formed within the Ng Media Studios creating ethereal sounds not heard in these parts before.

1 tracks

Compilation Album 2013 by NG Studios

Songs by various bands and singers from across the Ngaanyatjarra Lands recorded at the Ng Studios.

1 tracks

Compilation CD 2012 by Various Artists

Songs from the various bands and artists who recorded with NG Media over the course of 2012. Features Blackstone Band, Irrunytju Band, Sunlight Band and new favourites such as Lil Del, Nanta Brown and Katrina Connelly among tracks from the local Irrunytju kids!

21 tracks