Festival approaching…meanwhile, back at the ranch

May 10, 2013 / blackstone festival, desert reggae, papulangkatja

Every day, first thing in the morning he is here, ready to work on his recording of "Sealed with a Kiss". This is an oldie that has been recorded by Bobby Vinton, Brian Hyland and of course, The Shadows. This is not your normal Desert Reggae, but is simpler is some ways, with long sustained notes and simple chords.

Trevor wants to stay true to the original genre, not adapt it to be a Desert Reggae song, so he has to teach those who want to help him how to play a different style of music. Wide open chords on the guitar, just one beat per bar, not that pulsing rhythm of Desert Reggae. It has been a long hard road for him, but he is enjoying it and the recording is taking shape. And I am really enjoying listening to the process.

Today the studio has been cleared. The truck is packed ready for our departure in the morning for Papulangkatja and the Blackstone Festival. Six or seven bands will play tomorrow night. Most of them will play Desert Reggae and the kids will be running out the front showing us how they can dance. They love that pulsing rhythm. Some bands will play something a little different. Maybe some surf music, which strangely seems to fit so well out here, about as far as you can get from the ocean on this planet. Some will try a little rock and roll mixed in to that desert pulse. But Trevor and those he has taught, will play that haunting song from 1960. We wish them luck.