Learning the Music business

April 01, 2013 / lemih fry, matthew lewis, training

Lemih (pictured first from left) will now be joining Matthew Lewis (pictured fourth from left) on his next training venture with the Music Industry Rangers. A massive opportunity for the guys, this is part of the Remote Music Development Program run through CAAMA music and Charles Darwin University, which will provide them with a Cert 2 in music by the end of the year. Matthew has already attended a week’s workshops in Alice Springs in early March, where he learned valuable skills that will be useful in recording music and running workshops and concerts and also in his radio work. The upcoming community-based training, to be held at Hermansburg, will provide Lemih with the opportunity to catch up and gain similar skills. They’ll both be able to obtain Cert’s 3 and 4 if they stick with it over the next couple of years!