Salty Lewis

Salty is a singer and songwriter who grew up and lives in Wingellina.

King Jahka

Matthew Lewis aka King Jahka is a Dub Reggae producer based in Irrunytju.

Sunset Band -Wanarn

From the Ngaanyatjarra community of Wanarn comes Sunset Band, an energetic 8 piece desert reggae band.

Lemih and NG Media Choir

The newly formed NG Media Choir was formed to record the track 'Irititju Tjamulu' cowritten by lead vocalist Lemih Thompson Fry and music contractor Mark Smerdon who composed the song. Backing vocals were by local songstress Hinerangi, NG Media manager Chris H, Irrunytju Band member Chris R and radio assistant Sarah, all of who's vocal chords were stretched further than they could have imagined!

Sunlight Band

The members of Sunshine Band come from the communities of Pipalyatjara and Kalka on the northern border of South Australia and Western Australia.

Blackstone Band

The Blackstone Bush Reggae Band hail from Blackstone (Papulankutju) Community, near the Western Australia border.

Irrunytju Band

Irrunytju Band (formerly known as Alunytjuru Band) are from Wingellina (Irrunytju) Community, located just 10kms from the tri-state border.

Lil Del

Lil Del and DJ Matty's song featuring local songstress Hinerangi “Come on Everybody (Everything’s Gonna be Alright)”, took NG Media by storm at the end of 2012 and still proving to be a major hit.